As it happens - sometimes the connection between your store in mallabee to eBay fails.

This means that we require a new connection token from eBay.

When that happens you will be shown with a message that is similar to the following:

The process to reconnect your store is identical to the first time you connected your store, once you reconnect - you can get back to working on your store items and publishing new..

The steps to reconnect your store to mallabee are as follow:

  1. Login to your Mallabee account.
  2. Click on the "Connect Store" button.
  3. Click on eBay store.
  4. You will now be redirected to eBay to approve our application. This approval - allows us as system to get information related to your account.
  5. Login to your eBay account.
  6. Approve the application connection.
  7. You will now be redirected back to our application and your connection token will be refreshed.