To connect an eBay store, please follow this walkthrough guide.

On this walkthrough guide we will discuss the following:

  • Setting up totally new PayPal account.
  • Setting up a new eBay store.
  • Connecting PayPal to your eBay store.
  • Allowing eBay's (Global Shipping Program) GSP & Business Policies.
  • We will make some changes on your eBay store to allow the dropshipping model.
  • We will allow the connection between your eBay store and mallabee.

Our system is using a newer eBay way of interacting with your store and publishing / listing new items - called Business Policies.

These business policies are a store settings that tells eBay how you are planning to interact with your customers in regarding to shipments, returns and payments.

Note: eBay - does not allow duplicated policies, therefore - if you are coming from other monitors you might need to set the business policies by yourself.

Follow the pre-requests before adding an eBay store in-order to make the connection as smooth as possible.

Pre-requests (step by step):

After doing all the pre-requests - let's connect your store to mallabee:

  1. Login to your Mallabee account.
  2. Click on the "Connect Store" button.
  3. Click on eBay store.
  4. You will now be redirected to eBay to approve our application. This approval - allows us as system to get information related to your account.
  5. Login to your eBay account.
  6. Approve the application connection.
  7. You will now be redirected back to our application.
  8. Go to your eBay Business Policies page ( and validate that you have 3 different business policies (these policies were created by our system): MALLABEE_PAYMENT_PROFILE, MALLABEE_RETURN_PROFILE, MALLABEE_SHIPPING_PROFILE - they must show there in-order for the application to interact (publish and update) your listings.

Validating the policies:

To fully validate that the policies were created as they should. If the policies weren't created - you can change existing ones or create the following below). Keep in mind that the policies must have the same names as the system creates for you (MALLABEE_PAYMENT_PROFILE, MALLABEE_RETURN_PROFILE, MALLABEE_SHIPPING_PROFILE):

  • Return Policy

  • Shipping Policy

  • Payment Policy

Note: If you have any problem connecting your store - you can retry the creation of the policies by reconnecting the store - this is done in the same way as connecting a store in the first place.

Watch the following instruction video to connect your store after the store preparation with the pre-requests:

Enable the Out of Stock Option

When having an eBay store with monitored product you sometimes would like to change the quantity of a monitored listing to 0.

In order to do so you need to first allow the "Out-of-stock" option on eBay.

Here’s how to apply the out-of-stock option to your Good ‘Til Cancelled listings:

  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences.
  2. Under “Selling Preferences,” click “Show” next to Sell Your Item form and listings.
  3. Click the "Yes" checkmark button next to “Use the out-of-stock option”.
  4. Select the checkbox, then click “Apply”.

If you will not allow this option you will not be able to use the "Remove from Monitor" button and will receive the following error:

More information can be found here: